Colossus ST

  • Ribbed platform
  • Tool drawers
  • Anti-corrosive
  • 6" bench vise
  • Stainless steel lock

Hydraulic excavator arm

  • Weight: 1592 lbs
  • Depth of excavation: 6.5ft
  • Arm rotation: 180°
  • Stabilizers: type H vertical hydraulic
  • Capacity of the ladle: 2.56 FT3
  • Bucket size: 12”
  • Flow spectrum: 9-14 gpm
  • Work pressure: 2450 psig
  • Spoon rotation: 180°

Hydraulic system

  • Power gear coupled to a heavy-duty gearbox and in-cabin pneumatic activation and control.
  • Dual hydraulic pump to independently operate the backhoe and hydraulic tools.
  • 20-gallon hydraulic oil tank with an oil level sight glass, filler cap, oil filter in the return line, and hydraulic oil cooling heat exchanger system.
  • Directional control valve body with a stop and a relief valve.
  • Reel of hoses for handling hydraulic tools includes:
    • Two (2) 1⁄2” diameter, 50-foot long hoses with a pressure range of 3000 lbs.
    • Four (4) fixed connections to 3/8” male ends and a threaded SAE O-ring, each with quick connections.