Power, flexibility and roughness

Colossus XL

Hard Work at another Level

Chassis with minimum gross vehicle weight pbv (gvwr) recommended of 35,000 lbs.

Cab Options

  • Regular Cab
  • Extendend Cab
  • Crew Cab

Truck Body

1. Body with a platform made of carbon steel with a ribbed sheet along the full length of the truck.  

2. Anticorrosive and synthetic enamel coating modifiable according to Customer’s specifications

3. Tool drawers located at the front, side, and bottom of the platform; each side made out of a 3/16" carbon steel sheet. Modifiable according to the Customer's specifications.

4. Stainless steel locks with a master key.    

5. Signal and contour lights on the back of the platform LED work-lights for night operations

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic hammer


Hydraulic Compactor

Mechanical crane