Prepared for any industry

Colossus ST

The Light Truck with Great Power

Chassis with minimum gross vehicle weight pbv (gvwr) recommended of 27,000 lbs.

Cab Options

  • Regular Cab
  • Extendend Cab
  • Crew Cab

Truck Body

1. Body with a platform made of carbon steel with a ribbed sheet along the full length of the truck.  

2. Anticorrosive and synthetic enamel coating modifiable according to Customer’s specifications

3. Tool drawers located at the front, side, and bottom of the platform; each side made out of a 3/16" carbon steel sheet. Modifiable according to the Customer's specifications.

4. Stainless steel locks with a master key.    

5. Signal and contour lights on the back of the platform LED work-lights for night operations

Hydraulic system

1. Power gear coupled to a heavy-duty gearbox with activation and control in the cab.
2. Double hydraulic pump to independently operate the backhoe and hydraulic tools.
3. 20-gallon hydraulic oil tank with oil level sight glass, filler cap, oil filter in return line,
   and  hydraulic oil cooling heat exchanger system.
4. Directional control valve body with a stop and relief valve.
5. The hose reel for handling hydraulic tools includes:
• Two (2) 1⁄2 "diameter hoses and 50  feet long with a pressure range of 3000 lbs.
• Four (4) fixed end connections 3/8" male and SAE O-ring threaded, each with quick connects.

Hydraulic hammer


Hydraulic Compactor



The colossus auxiliary CCS06 incorporates features that offer you an edge in power, speed, durability, ease of use, economy and safety. Managing a load of up to 260kg and a breakout force of up to 600kg.  The mini loader comes standard with tracks for increased stability on uneven surfaces.