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Solutions by industry


Electricians require different equipments and work trucks based on their application. With the most comprehensive line-up of truck beds and equipment, we build a work truck for nearly every electrical application.


Contractors demand heavy trucks to withstand conditions at construction sites. We manufacture truck beds designed for contractor applications, machinery maintenance, and lubrication. We will build the truck to your requirements with the tools you need to perform the job.


We offers specialized water tank trucks of up to 35,000 liters. Compatible with tandem axle chassis. Our trailers can adapt to multiple different applications, including control and delivery of liquids.


Specialized work trucks to keep the lights on, water running, heat pumping, snow clearing, and much more. Regardless of whether the application requires excavator cranes, bucket trucks, service trucks, or installation trucks. We have a work truck with a wide selection of options and accessories to further equip the truck’s utility  with additional functionality and efficiency.